Your Blue Line of Defense

Wear Specialist

You’ve got an ally!

Wear-Concepts’ Wear Specialists are not referred to as “Outside Salesmen.” That’s because their first priority is you. Would they like to sell you something? Sure. But what they are providing are specific material flow solutions for your specific material flow problems. Think of Wear Specialists as the old time doctors that would make house calls.Only now the patient is your plant.

A Wear Specialist’s primary purpose is to help you minimize your costs and downtime associated with operating your business. They offer solutions to the toughest wear problems in conveying systems, mills, crushing operations, and pipelines. Wear-Con’s Wear Specialists are ready to design unique, innovative solutions that can take an idea from concept to installation. They will work directly with you to tackle your most difficult wear problems in regards to cost control, preventative wear, repair, and replacement. Wear Specialists are constantly working to help you get the most from your material handling system.

When it comes to customer support, Wear-Con is the leader in the industry. Our Wear Specialists are always available for on-site consultation, evaluation, diagnosis, and advice. You’ve got an ally!

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