Your Blue Line of Defense

Roll Mill Rebuilding

Features and Benifits

Wear-con Mill Rolls use a unique cromium carbide overlay on a cast steel base designed for sever impact abrasion, and crushing. Mill Rolls can be made to order or your worn rollers can be relined with our chrome carbide overlay depending on your specific needs. Rebuilding a Moll Roll will cost about half of what buying a new one does. But not all Mill Rolls are Created Equal. Every Mill Roll we rebuild uses the highest quality chrome carbide wire in the overlay process. Our detailed preparation sets the final product apart from all others. "It's all about the angle of the dangle." Our engineers painstakingly research to make sure that the slope of the bowl matches the pinch of the roll.

Technical Specifications

With higher chromium carbide content, Wear-Con Mill Rolls provide extreme abrasion resistance with hardness from 60 to 64 HRc, along with the ability to withstand temperatures up to 1000℉.


Wear-Con Mill Rolls are available in variety of dimensions and sizes to fit your wear needs.

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