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Introducing RubberLine™

Wear-Con's RubberLine™ offers cost-effective protection in a corrosion and chemical wear environment. Because RubberLine™ is engineered for excellent abrasion/corrosion resistance it lasts up to 3 to 5 times longer than alloys or hardened metals, and up to 20 times the life of fiberglass.

The RubberLine™ Process

First, the metal surface to be lines is prepared by blasting it clean. The 2.0 mil profile allows a primer to be applied immediately. Next, raw rubber is applied in a variety of methods depending on the type of wear surface. The raw rubber is then cured in one of the largest autoclaves in the United States. We can also install RubberLine™ on-site with either plant steam, atmospheric or chemical cures.


•Cement •Mining •Paper & Pulp •Grain •Power •Petroleum •Sugar •Fertilizer •Glass •Fiberglass •Steel •Sand & Gravel •Recycling •Bio-Fuels •Forestry •And Many More!


•Pumps •Tanks •Pipes •Mills •Fans •Fan Housings •Ducts •Blowers •Scrubbers •Valves •Agitators •Hoppers •Chutes •Bag Houses •Impellers •Flue GasDesulfisation Systems •And Many More!

Performance • Service • Dependability

Wear-Con RubberLine™ is backed by the facilities, experience, equipment, and technology o ensure that all linings and coatings are applied to your specifications. Our experts offer inspection services and will work around even the most difficult obstacles. Rigorous quality control measures guarantee the dependability, adhesion, and long life of RubberLine™. At Wear-Con, we follow every process with commitment to our work, our products, and our people.

Other Rubber Products

Wear-Con offers several other quality Rubber products. They are: •Hoses •Couplings •Drive Belts •Custom Gaskets •Conveyor Belt Repair Kits •Conveyor Belt Lacing Kits •Rubber Repair Kits

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BarricAid™ Hose

Ceramic Embedded Rubber Hose

BarricAid™ Hose
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Features & Benefits

1. BarricAid™ WC90™ HexTile Ceramic Embedded Rubber Hose is 12 times more wear resistant than stainless steel.

2. Impact resistant - Virtually impossible to destroy the ceramic segments.

3. Flexible - Minimum bend radius is roughly 12 times the hose I.D.

4. Corrosion resistant - Compatible with most chemicals found in slurries.

5. Wide variety of end connections.

6. Available in any continuous length up to 65 feet.

Technical Specifications & Parameters

1. Diameter range from 1” to 24” and a length up to 32 feet or 65 feet, (Depending on the diameter.)

2. Maximum operating pressure 150 psi.

3. Maximum operating temperature 250° F.

BarricAid™ WC90™ HexTile Ceramic lined flexible hoses are ideal for use in highly aggressive services where conventional rubber hose, expansion joints, or bellows connections require frequent replacement. Ceramic lined hoses may also be used to isolate mechanical vibration or to connect non-stationary equipment.

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BarricAid™ Panel

Rubber Embedded Ceramic Wear Tile Panel

BarricAid™ Panel
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Features & Benefits

Wear-Con BarricAid is a new generation of rubber embedded ceramic wear tile composite panel. They are a combination of 1/2”, wear resistant, WC90™ High Alumina Ceramic HexTiles, vulcanized in 1/4” resilient rubber to a 1/4” mild steel base. BarricAid ’s™ WC90™ High Alumina Ceramic HexTile surface provides exceptional resistance to wear, while the elastic property of the rubber effectively dampens the impact forces which can crack ceramics. The rubber also helps to substantially reduce the vibrations, sounds, and the impact shock generated from impacting material. BarricAid composite panel is suitable for feeders, chutes, bins, transfer points, in conveyor systems, screen feed plates, mill discharge chutes, bunkers, etc.


Wear-Con's BarricAid composite panel can be easily bolted into place using the four existing M16 x 40 threaded studs welded on the back of every panel. Four matching nuts and washers are also provided with each panel.

Technical Specifications

BarricAid ’s™ rubber has a tensile strength of 16MPa, a break extension of 450-500%, a shore hardness of 60±5, a break permanent deformation of 30%, a peel strength between rubber and ceramic/rubber of 6MPa, and a bonding strength between rubber and ceramic of 4MPa. BarricAid ’s™ WC90™ High Alumina Ceramic HexTile have Moh’s Scale 9 hardness; a 300,000 psi comprehensive strength; a 45,000 psi fluxural strength; and a 24,000 psi tensile strength. The applicable temperature is between -4° F to 302° F, but best if it is below 248° F. If the rubber is working for a long time in a high temperature, the life of rubber will be diminished.


BarricAid composite panel are 12”x 12” wide by 1” thick.

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