Your Blue Line of Defense

Ceramic Wear-Compound

Features & Benefits

Simple to mix. Simple to use. Simply the best! Wear-Con Triple-Bead90™ High-Temp Ceramic Wear Compound’s ceramic beads are the perfect size for any job: small enough for pump housings, yet large enough for chutes. Providing excellent resistance to sliding and fine particle abrasion, Triple-Bead90™ High-Temp is an essential part of any hightemp quick repair job.


Wear-Con Triple-Bead90™ High-Temp is easy to mix and install. Simply mix four parts Triple-Bead90™ High-Temp Resin - Part A with one part Triple-Bead90™ High-Temp Hardener - Part B and trowel on. Triple-Bead90™ is workable for up to 45 minutes, and is water soluble until curing is complete.

Technical Specifications

Wear-Con Triple-Bead90™ High-Temp can be used in applications with temperatures up to 450°F continuously. Due to its paste consistency sagging is not an issue, therefore Triple-Bead90™ High-Temp conforms to irregular and overhead surfaces. Triple-Bead90™ cures chemically, resulting in minimal shrinkage.


Wear-Con Triple-Bead90™ High-Temp is available in both 28.6 lb Bucket Kits and convenient 2 lb Patch Kits containing everything you need to get the job done.

Standard Coverage

Kit Thickness Coverage
28.6 lb Bucket Kit 1/4” 11.83 sq. ft.
2 lb Patch Kit 1/4” 0.84 sq. ft

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