Your Blue Line of Defense

Elbows with extended backs packed with TB90™ Or Densit®

Features & Benefits

Wear-Con WearBack™ Elbows are reinforced on the backside of the bend to make the elbow last much longer. WearBack™ Elbows are designed to replace elbows with severe impact, abrasion, and material flow issues.


Wear-Con WearBack™ Elbows can be fitted with fixed or loose flanges or be welded into place with a low hydrogen rod such as AWS spec. 7018 on the base metal.

Technical Specifications

Wear-Con WearBack™ Elbows can have the reinforced backing made out a variety of wear materials. They include: Densit®, TB90™, WC90 HexTile™, WC700Plus™, FeatherClad™ and several others.


Wear-Con WearBack™ Elbows are available in any size or dimension to fit your wear need.

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