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Aerodynamically Designed Elbow That Reduces Material Contact

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Features & Benefits

Wear-Con Wear-Bow™ Wear-Resistant Elbow is aerodynamically designed to reduce material contact along the pipe wall, minimizing product degradation and wear. The patented design of Wear-Bow™ is self-cleaning and forces material to accumulate in the impact zone, serving as a natural wear-resistant barrier.


Wear-Con Wear-Bow™ can easily be installed by flanging, coupling, or welding.

Technical Specifications

By design, material flowing through the Wear-Con Wear-Bow™ accumulates in the impact zone and moves slowly upward and out. Incoming material is deflected at a 90° angle, with minimum resistance and no impact damage (see video demonstration by clicking here). This revolutionary design extends service life by nearly eliminating the wear to the outer wall inherent in typical elbows. Wear-Bow™ requires a material to air-flow ratio of no less than 3:1.


Wear-Bow™ is easily retrofitted into existing systems, replacing both short and long radius elbows. With sizes from 2” to 10” and fitting all flanges and pipe connections in these sizes; both stub-end and flanged-end versions; and castings in iron, stainless steel, and other alloys; Wear-Bow™ can be used in a variety of applications, including areas where space is limited

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