Your Blue Line of Defense

Chrome Carbide Wear Pipe

Features & Benefits

Wear-Con WC700PPlus™ Chrome Carbide Overlay Wear Pipe provides excellent resistance to severe abrasion erosion and impact. Lasting up to 12 times longer than mild steel pipe WC700PPlus™ can be hardened on either the interior or the exterior making it great for use in wide variety of applications. WC700PPlus™ is easy to install offers lower life cycle costs and can be custom-fabricated to aid pipe design or replacement.


Wear-Con WC700PPlus™ Pipe can be easily installed by flanging coupling or welding.

Technical Specifications

With higher chromium carbide content Wear-Con WC700PPlus™ Pipe provides extreme abrasion resistance with hardness from 60 to 64 HRc along with the ability to withstand temperatures up to 1000°F.


Wear-Con WC700PPlus™ is available in an array of sizes and thicknesses to fit your wear needs.


Wear-Con also offers a WC700XTP ™ Chrome Carbide Wear Pipe with aunique chromium carbide overlay on a stainless steel base plate is designed for areas with severe impact abrasion, sliding abrasion, and corrosion resistance. WC700XTP ™ can be cut to your specific needs.

Standard Sizes

Thickness Diameter Length
5/16" 6”(ID) up to 118"
3/8" 8"(ID) 10"(ID) 12"(ID) 14"(OD) 16"(OD) up to 118"

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