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Induction-Hardened Wear Pipe

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Features & Benefits

Lasting 6 to 8 times longer than mild steel, Wear-Con WC600P™ Induction-Hardened Wear Pipe provides outstanding resistance against moderate to severe abrasive and erosive wear. WC600P™ can be induction-hardened on either the inside or the outside, making it great for use in wide variety of material handling applications. WC600P™ is easy to install, fabricate, or repair in the field, and can be ultrasonically monitored to allow for well timed rotations or replacement.


Wear-Con WC600P™ pipe can be easily installed by flanging, coupling, or welding.

Technical Specifications

Wear-Con WC600P™ has a gradient hardness. The inner wall hardness is 600 BHN and the outer wall hardness is 250 to 300 BHN (reverse for outer wall induction hardening), along with an unhardened yield strength of 700 ksi (unhardened), and a 100 ksi (unhardened) tensile strength. WC600P™ can be used in applications up to 450°F.


Wear-Con WC600P™ is available in standard and extra-heavy thicknesses, nominal pipe diameters from 2 1/2” to 40”, and lengths from 5’ to 50’.

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