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Ceramic Lined Pipes and Elbows

Ceramic Lined Pipes and Elbows
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Features & Benefits

Pipes and Elbows can be lined with a variety of Wear-Con’s WC90™ Ceramic. These provide ultimate wear resistance from your most abrasive applications. A choice between Pre-Engineered Pipe Brick and Cylinders are installed based upon individual parameters. This will notate which type of Pre-Engineered Ceramic we would recommend. The other types of WC90™ Ceramic that can be used are Plain, Weldable, HexTile, and Vacuum Bonded VB96™ Wear Tiles. While lasting at least 10 times longer than mild steel, WC90™ Ceramic increases production time by decreasing downtime.


Wear-Con Ceramic lined Pipes and Elbows can be easily installed by flanges with ceramic lined elbows of any type. The flanges will be either fixed or rotating. Flanges cannot be welded onto ceramic lined pipe. We provide an adapter flange so that you can weld it to your existing piping system. Doing so will allow for the larger OD of a ceramic lined pipe or elbow to be retrofitted to your existing system. This process will maintain the same ID of your existing pipe.

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