Your Blue Line of Defense

Ceramic Embedded Rubber Hose

Features & Benefits

1. BarricAid™ WC90™ HexTile Ceramic Embedded Rubber Hose is 12 times more wear resistant than stainless steel.

2. Impact resistant - Virtually impossible to destroy the ceramic segments.

3. Flexible - Minimum bend radius is roughly 12 times the hose I.D.

4. Corrosion resistant - Compatible with most chemicals found in slurries.

5. Wide variety of end connections.

6. Available in any continuous length up to 65 feet.

Technical Specifications & Parameters

1. Diameter range from 1” to 24” and a length up to 32 feet or 65 feet, (Depending on the diameter.)

2. Maximum operating pressure 150 psi.

3. Maximum operating temperature 250° F.

BarricAid™ WC90™ HexTile Ceramic lined flexible hoses are ideal for use in highly aggressive services where conventional rubber hose, expansion joints, or bellows connections require frequent replacement. Ceramic lined hoses may also be used to isolate mechanical vibration or to connect non-stationary equipment.

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