Your Blue Line of Defense

Custom Fabricated Wear Panels Made from SHC800 Panels Mounted To A Mild Steel Backer Plate

Features & Benefits

Wear-Con SkirtBoards are custom made of SHC800™ Wear Panels and a backer plate that can be made from a variety of wear materials to suit your needs. SHC800™ Wear Panels are cast from high-chrome white iron with a hardness of 55 to 58 HRc. The backing can be made from WC400™, WC500™, WC304™ or Inertia™ Tactical Wear Plate. This Wear-Con custom combination is unique and unsurpassed in impact, abrasion, and corrosion resistance; and they easy to install and replace.


Wear-Con SkirtBoards™ SkirtBoards can easily be bolted or welded into place.

Technical Specifications

Wear-Con SkirtBoards provide maximum abrasion resistance along with the ability to withstand temperatures up to 900°F. SkirtBoards will outlast alloy plate and perform to abrasion standards similar to ceramics.


Wear-Con SkirtBoards are custom designed to fit into your particular drag or belt conveyor system.

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