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Chemically Bonded Silicium-Carbide-Ceramic

WearCast™ 3000
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Features & Benefits

Wear-Con Densit® WearCast™ 3000 Chemically Bonded Silicum-Carbide-Ceramic wear resistant lining is a castable, trowellable one-component ready-mix wear compound, able to conform to almost any shape and size specification. Frequently used to line pipes, bends, and other system components, WearCast™ 3000 is fast and easy to install and can be used after just 24 hours.


Wear-Con Densit® WearCast™ 3000 can be installed in five simple steps:

  1. Install mesh. Install or build mold. WearCast™ 3000 should be cast in suitable molds with adequate reinforcement such as steel bars and/or expanded metal mesh.
  2. Mix dry WearCast™ 3000 compound for 1 minute with a paddle mixer. Product must be kept completely dry until used.
  3. Add water and fibers, then mix for 8 minutes with a paddle mixer. A significant change in consistency of the material (from a dry powder to wet mortar) must be observed within 3 minutes from addition of water.
  4. Pour mixed WearCast™ 3000 into mold under vibration. Avoid making contact with aluminum or galvanized steel when using WearCast™ 3000.
  5. Remove mold from WearCast™ 3000 after adequate curing time.

Technical Specifications

Wear-Con Densit® WearCast™ 3000 is a high-strength wear compound combined with silicum-carbide aggregates to provide ultimate protection against severe wear at temperatures up to 750°F.


Wear-Con Densit® WearCast™ 3000 is delivered in 55 lb bags.

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