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14% High Quality Manganese Hammers

WCM14™ RingHammers
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Features & Benefits

Wear-Con WC14M™ RingHammers are made of the highest quality manganese to withstand severe impact and to work harden with use. WC14M™ RingHammers hammers are also the choice for customers who rebuild their hammers with manganese welding and/or carbide overlays. WC14M™ RingHammers can replace any O.E.M. hammer or can be custom made to your specific crushing needs.


Wear-Con WC14M™ RingHammers install just like your old hammers having no special installation requirements.

Technical Specifications

Wear-Con WC14M™ RingHammers are cast from our special blend of 14% high quality manganese alloy that have a 350BHN hardness and then work harden up to 500BHN which provides outstanding wearability and cost effectiveness.


Wear-Con WC14M™ RingHammers are available in a variety of design patterns and can be custom made to fit your mill and production requirements.

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