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Rampart™ Hammers

Wear-Con’s Rampart™ WC880™ & WC810™ are made of extremely strong abrasion resistant composites. Rampart™ WC880™ Matrix Carbide Technology is made with blended carbides with a minimum hardness of 770 Hv, and carbides up to 1500 Hv crystalized in a metallic compounded while bonded to a steel backing plate. WC880™‘s unique Matrix Carbide structure performs with very high impact and sliding abrasion resistant properties that not only reduce wear, but provide considerable savings in down time and lost production. Rampart™ WC810™ High Chrome Technology combine the very high wear resistant qualities of a high chrome white iron, (700 BHN) while also being bonded to mild steel to create a product that is exceptionally resistant to impact and sliding abrasion while retaining ductile characteristics.

Rampart™ Advantages:

  • Cost effective alternative to hardfacing
  • Superior edge retention and sharpnessr
  • Easy to maintain and replace
  • Reduces labor costs and down time

Rampart™ Welding Procedure:

  • 45° Double “V” preparation on knife body and knife tip.
  • Place the tip right angle and tack weld with 7018 (low hydrogen) welding rod
  • Complete weld with 7018 (Low Hydrogen) using staggered techniques.
  • Round sharp corners.

Rampart™ Availability:

  • Most popular sizes in stock
  • Ready to ship to your location
  • Non-stock sizes available for order
  • Special sizes made to fit also available

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