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Rampart™ Hammers

Features & Benefits

Are you tired of hardfacing your hammers weekly or even daily? Are you concerned about being in confined spaces for long periods of time? Are you worried about the cost of materials, labor, down time and work compensation claims? Do you feel as hammered over this as the material you are trying to process? The answer? Wear-Con Rampart™ Hammers are the most cost effective and time saving method compared to continual hardface welding. Custom made to your specifications, Rampart™ Hammers are the choice for extremely strong impact and abrasion resistance for processing material such as: •Clay •Clinker •Lime Stone •Coal •Other Aggregates Conventional hardface welding leads to huge stresses and heat affected zones in the hammer, hence leading to early wear and tear. The tips of the Rampart™ Hammers are easily replaced and can also be rotated for longer life. Replacing your hammers with WearCon’s will save you substantial time and money, not to mention reducing your stress considerably. Put Rampart™ Hammers to work for you!

Technical Specifications

Wear-Con’s Rampart™ WC880™ Tips are made of extremely strong abrasion resistant composites. Rampart™ WC880™ Matrix Carbide Technology is made with blended carbides with a minimum hardness of 770 Hv, and carbides up to 1500 Hv crystalized in a metallic compounded while bonded to a steel backing plate. WC880™‘s eunique Matrix Carbide structure performs with very high impact and sliding abrasion resistant properties that not only reduce wear, but provide considerable savings in down time and lost production. The Rampart™ Hammer Bodys contain between 50 - 60% carbide with a bond shear strength of 300M Pa. The Rampart™ Hammers are fitted to the hammer shank with double spigots and two bolts for extra strength and reliability with a torque of 300 pounds.


Wear-Con Rampart™ Hammers are custom made to your specifications.

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