Your Blue Line of Defense

True Bi-Metal Chrome Alloy

Features & Benefits

Wear-Con Bi-Metal XP Hammers™ are revolutionizing the hammer industry, delivering two to six times the life of ordinary manganese hammers. XP Hammers™ can be made to your specific needs. Therefore, increasing mean time between replacements lowering maintenance costs and hammer cost.


Wear-Con Bi-Metal XP Hammers™ install just like your old hammers and require no hard-facing or waiting for the manganese to work harden.

Technical Specifications

Wear-Con Bi-Metal XP Hammers™ are made from High Chrome Wear Resistant Alloy for crushing at the head and fused with tough heat treated carbon substrate steel for the shaft and at the eye. This Bi-Metal combination and the hammers being through hardened to 62Rc gives the XP Hammers™ the unique attribute of being so long lasting.


Wear-Con Bi-metal XP Hammers™ are available in a variety of designs and can be custom made to fit your mill.

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