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Premium Epoxy Mortar Tile Adhesive

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Features & Benefits

Wear-Con Cerami-Bond™ Premium Epoxy Mortar Tile Adhesive is an industrial grade 100% solids two-part epoxy paste for use in bonding ceramic tiles. Cerami-Bond™ is especially suited for use in wear tile applications requiring high bond strength, physical properties and good chemical resistance. Wear-Con Cerami Bond™ is resistant to caustic solutions, most diluted acids, hypochlorite bleaches, and other harsh chemicals. Cerami-Bond™ cures at room temperature to a tough solid. Cerami-Bond™ adheres to almost any clean surface.


Wear-Con Cerami-Bond™ is easy to mix and install. Simply mix one part Resin - Part A with one part Hardener - Part B and trowel on both surfaces. Cerami-Bond™ offers excellent troweling and handling characteristics with sufficient body and thixotropy to butter brick in place and secure them from slipping or sliding while the mortar cures. CeramiBond™ cures rapidly and provides an excellent bond to brick, tile, and steel. This unique formulation produces excellent results while installing brick in horizontal, vertical, and even overhead areas. Cerami-Bond™ is workable for up to 45 minutes at 70°F.

Technical Specifications

Wear-Con Cerami-Bond™ adheres to contaminant free clean surfaces in working temperatures from 60°F to 110°F continuously. Cured Cerami-Bond™ has a compressive strength of 11,500 psi, a tensile strength of 3600 - 4100 psi and a maximum operating temperature of 275°F and One two-gallon unit of Cerami Bond™ covers approximately 14² ft of tile lining when used as a setting bed for tile with a nominal 1/16” joint thickness between the tile.


Wear-Con Cerami-Bond™ is available in 2 gal. kit quantities, (1 gal. resin and 1 gal. hardener).

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