Your Blue Line of Defense

Creating a workplace that is free of illness and injury begins with one crucial decision: making safety a core value. That means we start safe, work safe, and finish safe. At Wear Concepts, our safety vision calls for an absolute belief that every one of us can create and maintain a workplace free of illness and injury. That vision will pay off. Positive results will be attributed to a culture that embraces safety and empowers us to maintain a commitment to safety in everything we do. Wear-Con’s Safety Culture has started with this organization’s Founder, President, and CEO Dennis Todd. He has demonstrated an active commitment to safety and will continue to promote that commitment through the entire organization. The Dennis has and will continue to deliver safety values with true passion and understand that we are responsible for our company’s success.

To improve and establish the Safety Culture of Wear-Con, the following will occur:

  • The safety process must touch every person in the organization
  • Safety must be a permanent agenda item, discussed regularly.
  • Leaders must be held accountable for safety performance.
  • Safety must be the operational fabric of a facility, not a separate function
  • Safety must be integral to every business activity

Under this approach the “departmentalization of safety” does not exist. We will develop an environment that supports the belief that every employee can create and maintain a workplace free of illness and injury. The result of this investment will be establishing within Wear-Con a sense of ownership of the safety process and a shift within the organization from an independent to an interdependent culture of looking out for one another. This will help drive us to eliminate unsafe behaviors and conditions and to focus on eliminating injuries entirely, rather than just meeting regulatory requirements. With this in mind, consider the following safety principles:

  • Any person can and must confront unsafe behaviors and/or conditions. No one is authorized to disregard such a warning.
  • No one is expected to perform any function or accept any direction that they believe is unsafe to themselves or others, or creates an unsafe situation, regardless of who directs such an action.
  • Anyone who feels that a process is unsafe will shut down that process and work with appropriate team members to create a safe situation.
  • No one is exempt from being a part of the Safety Culture because we are all family.

Therefore, we:

  • STOP to Start Safe!
  • YEILD to Work Safe!
  • Finish Safe to GO home the way we arrived!

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