We at Wear Concepts would like to get your opinion on a few things. Appreciating the value of your time, this short survey should take just a couple of minutes to complete. The long-term reward for you? Your answers will help us in our ongoing process to improve efficiencies, shape new products, and improve existing ones. In short, we want you to expect more from us.



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From order placement through receipt of shipment, I was satisfied with my most recent Wear-Con purchase.
My recent order was received by the date promised.
The product was delivered as specified and in good condition.
Wear-Con's product line meets my needs.
In terms of quality, Wear-Con products consistantly provide above average performace.
I count on Wear-Con to provide a good cost/value ratio.
I am satisfied with the technical support provided by Wear-Con personnel.
From start to finish, the people at Wear-Con provide a pleasant purchasing experience.
Wear-Con representatives consistently stay in touch to make sure my needs are being met.
I am very satisfied with Wear-Con's marketing efforts.
I would recommend Wear-Con to others to do business with.